VMware NSX Released

The latest release of NSX is now GA which is, lots of focus on DPU acceleration and enhancements

A notable new feature I think is

Stateful Active-Active Edge Services: this release introduces support for stateful services on Tier-0 and Tier-1 gateway in Active-Active HA mode. The following stateful services are supported: L4/L7 Gateway Firewall, URL Filtering, NAT and TLS Inspection.

A key thing to note is the NSX ALB deprecation warning this was originally announced as part of the 3.2.0 release notes giving a date of no sooner than 1 year from December 16th 2021 with this release they have announced that the NSX load balancer in NSX 4.0.x will be supported until the feature is removed from the NSX 4.x release series. If however you are still running a 3.x release support will continue (at least until 3.x is deprecated as well) so be aware if you upgrade to 4.x then you need to either using NSX ALB or planning real soon to migrate to it.

Full release notes are here https://docs.vmware.com/en/VMware-NSX/

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