Chrome NET::ERR_CERT_REVOKED Mac OS Catalina

So I recently updated my Mac OS to Catalina. As a result when use Chrome and I tried to login to one of my NSX managers web portal I received the following error.

As you can see there is no way to bypass the error and access the website.
There is however a couple of fixes that you can use to get around this.

The first fix is to simply type thisisunsafe into the browser window. Not in the address bar, you literally type it in once you get the error. You won’t see the typing but once you have typed it the page will load.

Any time after this that you go to the page it will not show an error and will just load the website.
You can reverse this by clicking on the Not Secure next to the address bar and then click on Re-enable warnings.
After this the next time you load the page you will get the error again.

Which leads me to the second fix.
After loading the URL and getting the error click on Not Secure then click on Certificate

Now click on the Certificate Icon and drag it to your desktop.

Open up Keychain Access and drag the cert file from your desktop into Keychain.

Right click the Certificate and click on Get Info

Expand the Trust section and change the ‘When using this certificate’ setting from ‘Use System Defaults’ to ‘Always Trust’
Enter your password after to confirm the change.

Reload the page again and you will either get the normal certificate error that will allow you to Proceed to the webpage or it will just load normally.

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