AVI/ALB Lab: Management and VIP Network Allocation


Welcome to Part 9 of the AVI/ALB Lab In the previous post, we configured our SE Group settings.
In this post we’ll cover the configuration of the Management and VIP networks within Avi.

Why we need to do this

Since I am not using DHCP to assign IP addresses to the SE management Interfaces or to the VIP’s I need to configure the available IP addresses that the system can use other wise when deploying a Virtual Service the SE will fail to deploy and I will get this error.


Navigate to Infrastructure, Networks select the NSX-T cloud from the dropdown menu then click the pencil icon I’ll start with the AVI-Mgmt network

If you wanted to change this to use DHCP then you can select the DHCP Enabled option here, you can also disable IPv6 Auto Configuration as well if you like. Leave the Routing Context as Global and click + Add Subnet

Enter the Management IP Subnet in CIDR notation then click + Add Static IP Address Pool

Untick Use Static IP Address for VIPs and SE Since my management network is on a dedicated T1 and uses a separate IP Subnet I don’t want the VIP’s to be allocated from this range as well! Enter the range of IP’s that you want to use for the SE management Interfaces and select Use for Service Engines then click Save

The Network IP Subnets will now show what we have configured click Save

Repeat the process for the AVI-VIPs Network this time selecting Use Static IP Address for VIPs and SE. This basically mean that it will create a NIC on the VIP network give it an IP and also allocate a VIP from this network so you can’t use 254 VIPs on a /24 network as some of the IP’s are the vNIC of the SE and some are the VIP.
The Routing context for the VIP’s should be set to the T1 that the VIP segment is attached to and not Global.

We can now deploy our Virtual Services but before I do that I want to configure a simple IPAM solution to auto allocate VIP IP’s to them.

AVI/ALB NSX-T Lab Part 10: – IPAM Configuration

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