AVI/ALB Lab: Controller Setup NSX-T Cloud


Welcome to Part 6 of the AVI/ALB Lab In the previous post, we covered the deployment of the Avi Controller VM.
In this post we’ll cover the initial configuration of the Controller.

What is a Cloud?

Clouds are containers for the environment that Avi Vantage is installed or operating within. During initial setup of Avi Vantage, a default cloud, named “Default-Cloud”, is created. This is where the first Controller is deployed, into Default-Cloud. Additional clouds may be added, containing SEs and virtual services. Think of a cloud as a container of settings specific to the environment that it is configured for. For example an NSX-T cloud will have settings that allow Avi to deploy Virtual Services (load balancers) using the NSX-T infrastructure.
You could also have a vCenter cloud AWS, Azure, Openstack, Memos, Linux or Openshift/Kubernetes.

The Build

Make sure the Controller is powered on, it may take a while for it to fully boot and become ready so be patient.
Open a web browser and enter the URL for the controller http://FQDN or IP note that this needs to be http not https.
Until the controller is ready you will see this message

{"error": "Controller is not yet ready. Please try again after a couple of minutes"}

Or you may get a 502 Bad Gateway error.

You may have to refresh the screen but once the controller is fully up you will see this page.
Enter a password for the admin account and optionally add an email address then click Create Account

Enter your DNS Server IP, the DNS Search Domain then enter and re-enter a Backup Passphrase then scroll down.

Remove any NTP Servers that you do not require or and configure the NTP you do want then click Next

Configure your SMTP settings then click Next

NSX-T cloud is not part of the initial configuration wizard so click No Orchestrator

Finally select No for Support multiple Tenants

The initial setup is now complete and you be presented with the Avi UI.

AVI/ALB NSX-T Lab Part 7: – NSX-T Cloud Configuration

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