AVI/ALB GSLB Lab: MS DNS Delegation


Welcome to Part 5 of the AVI/ALB GSLB Lab In the previous post, we configured our GSLB Service.
In this post we’ll cover the creation of the DNS Delegation to allow us to forward traffic to our GSLB.

The final step! Let’s create the DNS Delegation in our Active Directory server, I’m running a single Active Directory VM with DNS this is labad01.lab.local on
I’ll be using a subdomain called avi.lab.local, traffic hitting that subdomain will be load balanced by the Avi GSLB DNS service and sent to the relevant local virtual service where it is then load balanced to the relevant web server.


Reverse Lookup Zones

First off open up DNS and create two new Reverse Lookup Zones.
Right click Reverse Lookup Zones and select New Zone

Click NEXT

Leave it as a Primary Zone and click Next

Select how you want the data to be replicated and click Next

I’m setting this up as an IPv4 Reverse Lookup Zone, click Next

Now enter the subnet for the first site, for my two sites I’m using.

  • DCA –
  • DCB –

Click Next

Set the relevant Dynamic Update setting that you want and click Next

Finally review and click Finish

Repeat for the second zone and you will end up with two reverse zones like this.

A Records

We now need to create the two A records for our DNS Virtual Services. Select your domain Forward Lookup Zone and right click and select New Host (A or AAAA)…

Enter the name for the DC A DNS and the IP which is the VIP assigned to the DNS Virtual Service. Click Add Host

Now repeat for DC B

DNS Delegation

Finally we need to configure the Delegation. Right click again this time select New Delegation

Enter the Subdomain in my case this is avi.lab.local so I just enter avi Click Next

Click Add

Enter the FQDN of the DCA DNS VS and Click Resolve It will timeout but it will still forward the traffic so don’t worry. Click OK

Repeat for DC B

Now click Next

Finally click Finish

With that we are done we can now do some testing.
AVI/ALB GSLB Lab: Final Testing

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