NSX-V Lab: Host Preparation


Welcome to Part 7 of the NSX-V Lab Series. In the previous post, we covered how to exclude VM’s from the Distributed Firewall. 

In this post we’ll cover the installation of NSX onto our hosts.
The previous step was important especially if you are preparing the host where the vCenter runs since installing NSX deploys VIB’s for the routing VXLAN and for the distributed firewall so if we have a default block configured, as soon as the hosts are prepared the firewall policy is active. By default the default rule is set to allow.

Open NSX and go to Installation and Upgrade in the left menu then select Host Preparation.
Select the cluster which you wish to install NSX to and click INSTALL NSX then Yes. Note that NSX installation is done on a per cluster basis so all hosts will need to be prepared.

The installation will start

Once the installation is finished you will probably see an UNKOWN aler on the communication channels.
This is normal and the host will eventually fully connect just leave it for a few minutes until the control plane connects to the controllers.

You may experience an issue where the NSX Version shows as not ready. One possible reason for this may be that the vCenter Server Managed address may not have been set.

Browse to the root vCenter go to config and edit the vCenter Server Settings and add the management IP then reboot the vCenter this may resolve it.

The next step is to configure VXLAN parameters
NSX-V Lab Part:8 NSX-V Configure VXLAN

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