NSX-V Lab Install Series

Welcome to my NSX-V lab install and configure series.
During this series of blogs I will detail how my lab is setup and a step by step guide on how to deploy NSX-V. I won’t go into too much detail on every component we’ll be deploying, I’ll keep that kind of detail for separate posts to keep the lab guide as simple as possible.

There will be two lab series running in parallel one covering NSX-V and the other NSX-T the NSX-T lab series can be found Here

The NSX-V lab will show the NSX interface on both the flash client and the HTML 5 client this is due to the fact that some features are missing from the HTML 5 interface or do not fully function and I will point these out along the way. The interface is always being upgraded so much so that the flash client for many features directly resembles the HTML 5 in look and function for certain features.

I won’t be covering how to install ESXi, AD, DNS or vCenter as they are out of scope for this series, but I will cover how my lab is configured including the basic physical switch configuration, vDS layout and Nested host setup and of course a full dual site NSX-V deployment all running on just three physical servers!

I will be using the current release at the time of this post which is NSX-V 6.4.5

And so on with the series.

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