AVI/ALB GSLB Lab: DNS Virtual Service, Service Engine Group


Welcome to Part 2 of the AVI/ALB GSLB Lab In the previous post, we covered the creation of the IPAM DNS Profile.
In this post we’ll cover the Configuration of the Service Engine Group for the DNS Virtual Service.

Why create a new SE Group?

Avi recommends that you use a dedicated Service Engine group for the DNS Virtual Service so we’ll need to create a new SE Group for this purpose, you can do this when you deploy the Virtual Service the steps are the same but I’ll show how to create a new group before we get to the virtual service configuration.


From the left menu select Infrastructure then select Service Engine Group select your NSX-T cloud from the drop down and click CREATE

Give the Service Engine Group a name, set the Virtual Services per Service Engine to 1 this will mean that the DNS Virtual Service will be the only one running on these service engines as per Avi recommendation.
You can also change the HA Type ideally you want to use one of the two Elastic HA options, you can also adjust the Memory CPU and Disk if you need to. Now click the Advanced tab.

It’s a good idea to give the Service Engine a different Prefix so that you know its for the DNS Virtual Service so set the Prefix accordingly now click + Add vCenter

Select the vCenter from the drop down list, you can then select specific hosts that the SE’s can run on or leave it as Any, If you have configure the Avi vCenter user with rights to just a folder for SE deployment then go ahead and select the correct Service Engine folder otherwise the SE’s will fail to deploy. Optionally you can also limit which datastore the SE’s will be deployed to. Finally click Save

Next up we will setup the DNS Virtual Service.
AVI/ALB GSLB Lab: DNS Virtual Service

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