Welcome to Part 1 of the AVI/ALB GSLB Lab In the previous post, we covered the introduction to the AVI/ALB GSLB lab series.
In this post we’ll cover the the Configuration of the IPAM DNS Profile in Avi.


IPAM/DNS Profile

Login to your controller for Site A for me that’s dca-avi-ctl01.lab.local From the left menu select Templates then select Profiles and the IPAM/DNS Profiles tab. Now click CREATE and select DNS Profile make sure you are in the correct tenant or you won’t see the create option.

Enter a Name, set the type as Avi Vantage DNS then click + Add DNS Service Domain

Enter the domain name, since my may lab domain name is lab.local I’m configuring a subdomain for Avi as avi.lab.local. You can leave the Override Record TTL blank but for my testing I’m setting it to 1 so it updates every second. Click Save

Repeat the process for the second site DC B with the same settings just a different name for the DNS Profile (though you could use the same name).

Next up we will setup a new Service Engine group ready for our DNS Virtual Service.
AVI/ALB GSLB Lab: DNS Virtual Service, Service Engine Group

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