AVI/ALB GSLB Lab: DNS Virtual Service


Welcome to Part 3 of the AVI/ALB GSLB Lab In the previous post, we created a new Service Engine Group.
In this post we’ll cover the the Creation of the DNS Virtual Service.

Virtual Service Configuration

From the left menu select Applications then select Virtual Services and click CREATE VIRTUAL SERVICE Advanced Setup

Select the NSX-T cloud and then click Next

Enter a name for the Virtual Service, now change the Application Profile to System-DNS the TCP/UDP Profile will then change to System-UDP-Per-Pkt which is what we want.

As in my Avi lab guide you can have the IP allocated automatically see Here for details on doing it that way. For the DNS VS I want to allocate the IP manually so it’s not part of the normal pool of IP’s so I’m going to Untick Auto Allocate Next I manually set the IPv4 Address in this case and then set the Tier 1 Logical Router.

Under Service Port make sure that 53 is set in Services and this next bit is very important or it won’t work. Click Switch to Advanced then click + Add Port

Enter the port as 53 and tick Override TCP/UDP and select System-TCP-Proxy from the list, so you want to end up like the screenshot with 53 listed under two services. We don’t need to select a Pool so click Next

Ignore the yellow warning and click Next as we don’t need to configure anything on this page.

Here we can adjust the Analytics if we want but you can leave it default. Here I’ve set the Metric Update Frequency to 0 and the Non-Significant log duration to 0 which basically means instant updates and infinite log duration (this is not recommended in production!) Click Next

Now select the SE Group that we created in the previous post, if you didn’t do that then you can select Create and do it now. Click Next

Finally click Save

Our Virtual Service will deploy the SE’s and come online.

Now repeat on the second site DC B.

The next step is to configure our GSLB Sites.
AVI/ALB GSLB Lab: GSLB Site Configuration

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